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Date Site Var Fcst Obs Err Score Comment
2020-04-09 Bangor, ME (KBGR) Snow depth 1 6 -5 1.82 Because water put together is just one big body and does not have any space between drops but with snow its crystals and allows some air between its like a collection of separate solids.
2020-04-08 Lufkin, TX (KLFK) Tmax 91 87 4 2.0 The small amount of water which is also why it gets cold at night which also means the effect of the suns heat will be greater cause there is no water to absorb it.
2020-04-04 Deadhorse, AK (PASC) Tmax 15.8 11 4.8 2.52
2020-04-03 Amarillo, TX (KAMA) Tmin 34 25 9 2.25 I think since that is the period that is the switch off between winter and summer so it can go back and forth like a tug a war.
2020-04-02 Colorado Springs, CO (KCOS) Tmin 28 23 5 2.52
2020-04-01 Cut Bank, MT (KCTB) Tmin 4 7 -3 2.36 I think a reason for it being this cold is that area of the country can experience colder winters because of the geography since you have the huge mountains and valleys which can in a way trap the cold causing it to get stuck there for while.
2020-03-31 Wilmington, NC (KILM) Precip24 1.5 0.5 1.0 1.21
2020-03-28 Des Moines, IA (KDSM) Tmax 73 69 4 2.52 I think a dry slot is when in an area where a low pressure system is coming through their is an area or little slot on the side of the system where there is no rain or clouds.
2020-03-27 Wichita-Mid-Continent, KS (KICT) Tmax 78 66 12 1.5 The two models disagree so much because one is taking in account that the cold front will not arrive that quick so it will be in a post-frontal regime.
2020-03-25 Hatteras, NC (KHSE) Precip24 0.4 0.5 -0.1 2.32 I think that the forecast model varies for precipitation because different areas humidity and amount of water there at a certain time affect the amount which makes it harder to predict rather then with temperature.
2020-03-24 Saranac Lake, NY (KSLK) Tmin 23 13 10 1.78 The difference I think is that The minimum temperature will go up because the snow system will be moving out.
2020-03-13 Roswell, NM (KROW) Tmax 73 67 6 1.87