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Friday December 7, 2018

Assignment: Predict the 24 hr minimum temperature (deg F) for San Antonio-International, TX (KSAT)

Weather in Texas could be pretty extreme on Friday, with a strong cold front producing temperatures far below average in the Panhandle and very warm air ahead of the front in South Texas. Between lies a forecasting challenge, as uncertainty about the exact speed of movement of the cold front could make it difficult to predict temperatures in central Texas in places like San Antonio, where there is also a flash flood watch because of the possibility of very heavy rain. The model forecasts for the minimum temperature cover a wide range, depending on exactly how quickly the cold front moves through to allow the colder air behind the front to arrive in San Antonio. So let's forecast Friday's Tmin and see what happens.

Question: What time would you expect the minimum temperature to occur and why?

Forecasts for San Antonio-International, TX (KSAT)
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