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Tuesday August 7, 2018

Assignment: Predict the 24 hr maximum temperature (deg F) for Santa Barbara, CA (KSBA)

It has been a terrible summer in parts of California, with record levels of heat and fire activity, and another dose of extreme heat is expected this week in Southern California. On Monday morning, the National Weather Service page for Santa Barbara is showing four different types of hazards: heat advisory, wind advisory, beach hazards and red flag warning (fire)! Let's forecast Tuesday's high temperature for Santa Barbara and see what happens.

Question: With 100 F temperatures expected in many other locations in Southern California, why are the forecasts for Santa Barbara much cooler than that?

What Happened?

The Tmax was 84, a little lower than most of the model forecasts. Light southeasterly winds from the ocean kept things fairly comfortable (although 10 F above average), compared to the 100 F temperatures nearby.

Forecasts for Santa Barbara, CA (KSBA)
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